Womanhood is a rollercoaster! The highest of highs and lowest of lows and everything in between. Mothers World is dedicated to providing all women with affordable adjustable clothing items for a comfy fit along with a specific maternity section. There is also a selection of handpicked gifts, for others or yourself, to support mental well being. When a women is taken care of, the whole village thrives.

Browse our range of women’s clothing and gifts ONLINE only. Unfortunately we had to close our Kawerau store. If you are in the area, viewing and trying on maybe be arranged by appointment only.

Affordable, adjustable women’s clothing

Women’s Clothing
Maternity and breastfeeding clothing

Need milestone cards, a gift, beautiful jewellery or something for an older sibling? We have a growing collection of handpicked items

Colouring In
Diamond Art
Milestone Cards